Note: The solution to too many possibilities

My nephew is paralyzed by possibilities. He’s graduated college and is living with us while he figures out his next moves. But he seems stricken by the many possible paths.

During his short life he’s lived in three isolated places:

— Saudi Arabia during his teen years, where his Dad worked at the time;

— a small burg in Alabama far removed from population centers for his first college experience;

— then an out-of-the-way desert town in New Mexico while he earned his engineering degree…

Place weighs heavily on him. Specifically, the wrong place.

He doesn’t want to be in the wrong place again.

This is as true geographically as it is vocationally.

What is the right company?

What is the right job path?

Might more schooling be the answer?

Are you frozen by possibility in some area?

I’ve been there! Incapacitated by possibility. It’s a sometimes delicious — look at everything on the menu! — but mostly dispiriting limbo.

The array of choices befuddle you.

This has happened to me with writing projects. Oh so many ideas dart into my neocortex I’m dazed by the lightning of my own brain activity.

The secret to finding the right path is simply starting down any path. Whatever path holds a slightly greater charge for you, a little more electricity, start down it.

There’s something about starting — on a bookito — or job hunt — or career decision — that clarifies. In a way that doesn’t happen without action.

Say I start on the wrong bookito — within minutes or days the right one suggests itself!

Many creatives will do preliminary work on several projects till one takes over. Till one asserts itself. Energy will always gather for one choice over another — if you are taking steps forward.

Take real action on a job hunt and I guarantee you’ll begin clarifying what you want quickly. You may even find yourself creating a matrix of wants that helps you decide where you apply first.

Life choices become easier when daily micro-actions are taken — in any direction that seems promising.

Very few steps are unalterable. Just taking a step has a way of illuminating the next step. Even if it’s a side step.

. . . . . . .

There are near-infinite paths
to where you want to go.
They all start with starting.


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