Note: The wrong way

Have you ever been dumped because you were a jerkhole and you realized you’d better correct your ways or you were going to die alone?

Have you ever turned down a one-way street only to find you’re going the wrong way?

Have you ever insisted on a plan of action that quickly didn’t pan out?

Have you ever tried something new that misfired, tweaked your process and then, voila, success?

The wrong way can be a beautiful thing.

The wrong way means you’re in motion!

You’ve launched!

You’re taking action!

That’s all good stuff — it’s where spirit engages life. It’s where dreams meet reality.

The wrong way can be a beautiful thing. As long as you pay attention to the signs — the feedback — and make adjustments, you’ll be fine. Even better, you’ll find the right way.

. . . . .

The wrong way
quickly establishes
a better way.

Evan Griffith

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