Note: You, creator

This is a simple PSA — a Public Service Announcement. Or put another way, an RYP — a Reminder of Your Power.

After a major holiday weekend of connection and gluttony — if you’re even a wee bit like me — it’s always good to reboot. Back into your trajectory, the one you want for yourself.

You don’t want the trajectory the world will toss your way if you go into this next week unarmed by clarity.

It’s simple. You’re a powerful creator. Just re-aim your creation beam where you want it to go. Aim your attention and energy onto the track that speeds you in your desired direction.

Today is a perfect day to let the hoopla of this past week subside — to take a few minutes to quiet your overextended self — then with inner clarity gaze forward into the week to come —

What do you want in it?

What can you set in motion?

What action calls to you that will take you there?

When can you do it?

Rebooting into your silent self for a short while recharges you, energizes you, sets you on the trajectory you want, rather than being pulled off course by the thousand and one things that buffet our daily lives.

Get quiet — Envision — Embark on your adventure —

Go forth — Have a phenom week — Thrive in it —

. . . . .

You — creator


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