Note: You don’t need a makeover


Sometimes that’s all it takes. One simple tweak.

Just make sure it’s fundamental, something that might cause a cascade.

Like exercise

Or going to bed earlier

Or intending to always react with compassion first

Or not eating after 6 p.m.

One change begets a shift, then other elements rearrange themselves and months later you’re looking back feeling…





One small change I’ve made recently has brought me to near bliss, even during this time of coronavirus lockdown. Even though we’re battling to keep our art gallery alive.

Normally I meditate at night just before sleep. Often throwing in some daydreamy visualization.

Once this crisis hit I realized I needed connection often — with others for sure — but most importantly with a more expansive spirit within myself.

I started connecting three times a day. Upon waking. Sometime in the middle of the day. Then just before nodding off.

These thrice-a-day connections take several forms: Reading something spiritual, reviewing a list of intentions, meditation, appreciation, yoga nidra, praying for someone, and other go-to forms of connection.

The morning and afternoon sessions take 5 to 10 minutes each at most. Hardly schedule upsetting.

It feels so good I’ve found myself taking up to 5 or 6 mini-connection breaks some days!

I feel surprisingly calm and powerful for someone losing thousands of dollars a week.

Because when you connect — often — you know change is a-coming. You know the stream flows in your favor. You know circumstances bend in your direction.

All it takes is one small change–

. . . . .

You don’t need a makeover —
just change one thing —
it will all shift


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