Note: You have the gift of prophecy


Granted it might not seem much of a gift — to imagine your way into a better experience, even if only for the next little while.

But really, what more do you need?

It’s not just a gift for you, it’s for all in your orbit.

Let’s say you’re on a freeway and you see someone trying to ease into the flow. You can be that person who lets them in, whose gift of compassionate foresight brings relief in a temporarily fraught situation.

Let’s say you’re in a zoom meeting following the path of entropy. It’s become so low energy the discussion has fallen apart. You can be that person injecting much needed clarity.

You see the trajectory and with a small bit of thought can change its arc into something better.

That could be the tagline to this website:

Notes For Creators — Making reality better

But really, isn’t that the theme of all religion, philosophy and the personal transformation universe?

How to make reality better….

And you — with your gift of prophecy for what is most likely to occur in the next few minutes — can do your part.

For yourself too.

You find yourself in a political back and forth that’s getting more and more heated. You can be the one to jump lanes. Or to seek common ground. Or to acknowledge the stark differences and then disentangle with (genuine) well wishes.

Or maybe you find yourself awash in anxiety. There’s plenty of track to keep that particular train rolling these days. You become alert to the building momentum and like the best of engineers, switch tracks.

It’s a small gift — to peer into the next oh so many minutes and see what’s most likely coming. But it’s your gift. And you can use this power for good.

For levity.

For fun.

For adding value.

For whatever you want to make it.

. . . . .

You have the gift of prophecy in you —
You can see into the next few minutes
and make them better

Evan Griffith

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