Note: Your mystic mission

You know what I’m talking about.

There’s something pulsing inside. It surfaces in the in between moments. Between one thing and another — let’s say you’re driving — even better, let’s say you’re on a favorite walk — nay, even betterer — you’re waking from a nap!

There it is — this something beckoning you to deepen your work. To deepen the way you experience your days.

Only you can suss it out. Maybe in a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend.

Maybe you pull out a notebook and just let it fly — whatever words spill out jumbled crumbled bumbled best, whatever whichever however they fall onto the page they will reveal what life’s asking of you.

Which is to live Turned On.

How do you start?

Turning off your devices is one way . . . then cocking your head to the side and really listening. The kind of listening that feels more like searching. As if you’re straining to hear the call of a loved one far off.

All you want is an indication from your true self on how to proceed.

That something pulsing inside you awaits one thing, a sincere invitation. If you ask in earnest, then listen as if for a whisper a room away, it will surface.

. . . . .

Could it be your mystic mission?
That summoning
you feel inside?


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