Nothin’ Time

I love my Nothin’ Time, half an hour to an hour of nothing but sitting around. No electronics, no phone, no TV. Nothing but nothingness yawning out in front of me.

I don’t get enough of it, do you? 

To be more accurate — I don’t take enough of that time for myself. 

(Do you?)

If you are a creator — seeking to create something meaningful in your life — then you need Nothin’ Time. 

One author noted that he would sit on a park bench and people would pass him by. To someone who might return 45 minutes to an hour later and still find him sitting there, it might seem a waste of time. To this writer the richest part of his work was being done there. 

Think about it, when the mind is at play, free associating in a reverie state . . . is when you frequently gain your most powerful insights. This is why napping and showers and post sex and driving and boredom are so good for eliciting transformative ideas. 

It’s also when you do your best recharging. It’s a silly phrase for a serious concept: Renewal.

Nothin’ Time is the genesis of so much that is good in our lives that — were we to keep an accounting of what comes forth from it — we would regimentize it into our days without fail. 

Nothin’ Time would become our most sacred practice. 

Part of the What creators do series.

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