Now you can dream it and someone else will create it

Years ago I imagined buildings of the future would add more natural life than they displaced. 

I imagined extended terraces ringing the floors of buildings, verdant with shrubbery, flowering plants and small trees. 

I imagined birds nesting in the branches just outside your breakfast nook. 

Now it’s real. You can see it with your own eyes. The Bosco Verticale building above (the Vertical Forest), designed by Stefan Boeria Architetti, won the 2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide award. 

You can read more about the awards here.

It’s happening. The future is riding in on fast winds. Whatever you dream up will be brought to you . . . Universal thought is rampantly creative. Millions of minds are busy bringing the future to us now. 

Fast forward a hundred years, air pollution will be a thing of the past.

Fast forward a thousand years, your great grandchildren may still be alive.

Buildings that scrub carbon from the air are coming. And they’ll create more oxygen than a city block could ever hope to use.

Can you imagine walking down an urban street that smells like forest!

It’s coming.

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