Now you have prayed for the first time in your life

Below you’ll find an intriguing excerpt taken from Transformed by the Light by Melvin Morse, M.D. (with Paul Perry). Though it’s a book about near-death experiences and the transformations that come about because of those events — from a doctor who researched the phenomena for years — a few other mystical experiences/healings are noted as well.

Here’s one that leapt off the page for me, from a woman who had been diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma. In her own words:

I was in the deepest state of depression and despair that I have ever known.

Two nights before surgery I was sleeping when I was awakened by a bright light shining in my eyes. I opened my eyes to see a large sphere of light floating about five feet in front of me. There was a light within it that was rotating slowly from left to right. This sphere spoke to me: “You aren’t afraid, are you?” 

Seeing this light made me fearless. In fact I was filled with the most incredible peace I have ever knwon. Whoever was speaking to me knew what all my problems and fears were. All of my burdens slipped away. 

Suddenly the light went through me. It didn’t reflect off of me or anything like that. It went straight through me. As it did, I was filled with unconditional love which was so complete and powerful that I would need to invent new words to describe it. 

I asked that my cancer would be removed. I prayed actually. And the light said that what we think of as prayer is more like complaining and we are frequently begging to be punished for something that we are simply going to do again in the future. 

He asked me to think of my own worst enemy and I did. Then he said to send all of my light to my worst enemy. I did and a sudden burst of light went out of me and returned as if it had been reflected back from a mirror. I became aware of every cell in my body. I could see every cell in my body. It was the sound and sight of light coming from my being. I was crying, laughing, shaking, trying to hold still and trying to catch my breath. When I finally recovered, the being of light said, “now you have prayed for the first time in your life.”

The authors go on to note her cancer vanished, saying: “It is extremely rare for a basil cell carcinoma simply to disappear.”

May I interest you in an after-the-main-course delicacy . . . .

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