Oh, things be changing

This site be a-changing

#NotesForCreators — hand-jotted notes to creators of all stripes — has taken over. What started out as a social media lark a couple of years back has become more and more the focus of this site. 

Not just the handwritten notes you see alternating with posts . . . but the intent behind all posts has morphed. I now see every post as a note to people intent on creative living. 

Notes of inspiration and insight . . . peppered with brief stories here and there of people grappling with the most significant question: 

How do I create a meaningful life?

These posts are for people who embrace uncertainty and experimentation, in their work, in molding experience, in deepening their relationship to life itself.

. . . . . .

This is the first segment of the updated Now Page . . . You can read more here

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