‘OK, if You want this out in the world, show me’

In my free-range conversation with Minx Boren a few weeks ago, we touched on a number of insights (hers, not mine, all hers). 

When you think of free range you think of, say, free-range chickens, those lucky chickens not under cage arrest in a coop, chickens that get to strut around an open pen, a yard, some such luxury. 

Minx is no chicken. To describe a conversation with her you must amplify your metaphor. Think free-range buffalo, free roaming across the plains of America. There’s the better image for you, closer to the vastness of her conversational range.

Today I’d like to focus on the simplicity of her prayer process.

When Minx becomes intent on something she quiets down. She finds that still space where she can commune alone and envision the thing she’s working on. 

Then she does this wonderful thing. She casts it out of the realm of individual responsibility into the realm of universal possibility. She does it in this way. She says: 

OK, if You want this out in the world, show me.

She states it simply, from her prayer space, and goes on with her life.

She’ll take an action step or two, moving in the direction of her desire. And then another step or two, though mostly she trusts the process. While she’s moving in the direction of her desire, she trusts that the best version of that desire is moving toward her as well. 

For me, that is often the most difficult aspect of moving toward a goal, freeing my mind from the attachment of how it must go. And in what way. And how quickly. And what the exact results should look like.

It’s in speaking with others who embrace letting go . . . while still taking whatever steps they can toward that end . . . that inspire me. There’s no greater faith in the process of life than that.

I think of Nick Vujicic, an Australian bloke born without arms or legs, speaking in front of a group of students. Before them, almost as an aside, he mentions that he’s planning on being married. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, but get this, he says this about his future wife with calm confidence a few times: “I know she’s coming.”

It’s part of this YouTube series. Here’s the first segment, five minutes. My friend Gil burst out sobbing in awe-joy by the third segment. Check it out to jolt your sense of the possible:

Nick Vujicic — DVD Part 1/11

If you Google his name you’ll discover that today he is married, to a lovely, lovely woman.

His certainty, so deep he was calm about it. He was nodding, saying, yeah, she’s on the way.

That’s what Minx is speaking about when she abandons how something is coming to the great mysterious LifeFlow. 

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