OmJah! My newest latest greatest pet name (for the divine)

In Hindu thought Om is the sound of creation. Om is the feeling-tone of the immaterial. Om reflects the inexpressible and is our doorway into ultimate reality. It encompasses the before, during and after of this universe in its long drawn out utterance: aaaauuuuummmmm.

Jah to me is mystical playful, with enough of a wisp of the implied feminine to it to satisfy my need for neither/either/both male-female in the divine.

Derived from the Hebrew scriptural term Jehovah and reinvigorated in Rastafarianism, Jah became universal through reggae.

There’s something countercultural and offbeat about Jah through this musical association. Reggae with its emphasis on the third beat, the off-beat, rather than the first beat as in most other forms of popular music and its messages of love and redemption, weed and social commitment is earthy and transcendent at the same time.


My latest pet name for the divine. When I speak to my Source out loud on the way to work these days, I start with OmJah, expand in me today . . . .

When I feel a playful spirit within me, OmJah.

OmJah is good to have in your pocket when all the other terms fail to stir you . . . .


Streetlight at night
You exude the avatars you internalize