On asking/claiming: Sometimes you need a little Eric Butterworth

Doesn’t the Bible say that we should ask God for help? If you look up the word ask as it is used in the Old and New Testaments, you will find that both the Hebrew and the Greek words for ask have a strong connotation of ‘claim’ and ‘demand.’ 

When the landlord comes to the door, he might say, “I have come to ask for the rent.” He is not asking for a contribution. He is demanding that which is due. 

When you go to the parking garage to retrieve your car, you present the claim check and you ask for your car. But you are claiming that which is yours by title. 

When you hold your cup under a water faucet and open the tap, you are not begging for but demanding water. The Old Testament says, “Concerning the work of my hands command ye me” (Isa. 45:11, KJV). 

~ Eric Butterworth, The Universe Is Calling

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