On digital and relationships

Have you noticed this as well? That you read newspapers differently online than you do in print?

When I’m on the road I’ll occasionally read both the print and online versions of several newspapers, from USA Today (for lighting speed froth reading) to The New York Times (for delicious contextual brain food). 

I’ve discovered I read print and online differently.

I steep myself in the paper version. I skim the online rendition — drilling into far fewer articles.

Each medium elicits its own behavior.

Which is why a phone call is far richer than a text message.

I’m not looking for a relationship with my newspaper. I don’t like the daily news. Context is often missing while lurid details aimed straight for my emotional response are overindulged. 

I only tend to read newspapers on the road — but I do want relationships that matter.

Digital is perfect for the quick info bit — I’ll be there at 7 — Skunk Takes Out 3 Drainage Inspectors — but disastrous if a rich nuanced relationship is what I desire.

(Which means I’m going to have to meet more people over ice cream breakfast . . . )

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Evan Griffith
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