On ease and electricity

Every time my life becomes easy — and I mean every time! — as it has many times over the decades — I find I immediately want electricity. I want the charge of life flowing through my veins.

I had this habit over the years of saving up for a trek — via bicycle or motorcycle or kayak or van — and then quitting my job and going for it

After the trip was over there was always this period of denouement. This time of slack ways and long days. A time of doing whatever the hell I wanted when I wanted for as long as I wanted.
That was enjoyable for about five days.

There are depressed heiresses and there are ecstatically alive beachcombers. (And vice versa.) There are retirees both sluggish and vigorous.

It’s not about money. It’s not about time. It’s not even about activity or inactivity.

Isn’t it really about this, are you engaged in something you deem worthy?

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A thank you to Robert A. Heinlein for one word
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