On fractals and — damn! — synchronicity

Here are the quick facts:

Fact One: My sister called me in the afternoon to ask if I’d heard of fractals. She was reading an article about them for the first time. I said yeah, I knew a little, and proceeded to tell her what very little I knew about them. A minute and thirty seconds later I was done.

Fact Two: The next morning in the car I turned on the Gregg Braden audio program I was listening to . . . and after a few minutes discourse on what he’d been speaking about he leapt into talk about fractals, at some length. (!)

Fact Three: That afternoon after work I called my sister to tell her about this freaky coincidence . . . and she said:

“That’s not all. I am RIGHT NOW addressing an envelope to you with that fractals article in it.”

“No way,” I shot back.

“Yes way . . . and really, I need your address . . . because I have my pen in my hand ready to address it to you . . . and now that you’ve called I don’t have to look it up.”

I tell you this because  damn!  whatever we want to say, the odds become too freakishly large for mere happenstance when you factor in the ga-trillion other superlatively-timed incidents that can’t be explained by chance, experienced by billions of humans past and present.

The universe is at play  it’s my job to enter the game.

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