On a quiet mission: A celebration

Have you noticed those highly effective people who are not Trump bombastic? They manage to do and be to their highest levels, quietly, without trumpets blaring.

Lately I’ve taken to noticing the quietly effective and I’m finding them in all walks of life. Some of the most successful people I know simply go about what they do with a kind of vigorous calm. 

Many I deal with in everyday situations do the same: Execute their duties with transcendent serenity. 

They’re not rapping in your face about their awesomeness. 

As much as I love the sheer ego juice of a Muhammad Ali — I am the greatest! — how annoying would this be to suffer this self love at every turn, from your carpenter (who truly is the greatest), your insurance agent, your anybody you deal with . . . . ?

So this is my love song to you — to all of you who do your jobs magnificently without trumpeting your magnificence. Being low-key about being good at what you do . . . is a grace note to the rest of us.

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