On quitting the work you once loved

Recently Dave Beck shared with me a sheet of paper with accumulated thoughts about a life well lived. He — and others — had been asked by a family member to jot down some life thoughts for her turning-21-year-old son.

First off, what a wonderful idea, family member! Gather the accumulated wisdom from close friends and family to help inspire a young adult as he embarks on his own separate journey. 

I’m a proponent of mining the minds of those around you — frequently there is gold there. Cobwebs too, but those are easily cleared.

This one thought from Dave, on work, leapt out (oh, and also this cryptic line: “Women — I’ll get back to you on this.”).

He notes this for his nephew: 

Finding what work makes you happy isn’t the only thing. It’s also realizing when the love affair is over and that it’s time to move on.

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