One cure for boredom (maybe two)

Five years ago I found myself sitting poolside one too many times. For the first time in decades a lethargic ennui overtook me . . . I was bored.

Then the 2008 crash happened. In the aftermath my body-mind played host to many moods in the ensuing months and years  none of them was boredom.

So that’s one cure.

A second is engagement.

Though on the surface now, post crash, what you can see  of our living circumstances, our financial condition, the vehicles we drive  appears to be far worse, it’s not true. 

I’m better off.


I’m engaged so fully with my experience and mission that life is electrifying. The way life is electrifying for a boy in the presence of his teenage crush.

I have a teenage crush on life now. 

Crisis living is one cure for boredom. So is engagement living, with far better results.

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