One little thing goes wrong . . .

one of the things my phone does
when the SIM card is working, take oddly artistic selfies . . . 

One little thing goes wrong and my world spins into turmoil. So I think . . . until I bring in some new thinks. 

Six weeks ago on an art trek my phone SIM card freaked out. It couldn’t be accessed — which shut the phone down. It kept rebooting to try to access the SIM card.

Suddenly I was blinded to the world I operated in. My communication system was down. My GPS was down. I was in the middle of an arid desert . . . 

It’s a phone with a large face — my info center when I’m on the road. On these art treks I travel from art destination to art destination. This device is my mobile office. It’s my email and texting communications center. Contacts. Destinations. Research. Mapping. Planning. 

Oh, and it’s my phone. It’s a quaint concept, but I also use it for phone calls.

So . . . everything was down.

This one thing gone wrong threw my existence into high uncertainty. Yet when I subsided I began to think of all the things that go right in my daily life on the road:

  • Tires, inflated and rolling
  • Engine, humming
  • Roof, not leaking
  • Air conditioning (People of the West and Southwest — how ever did you live here before AC?!) 
  • Clothes, affordable, and I didn’t spend weeks making ’em
  • Hat, same thing
  • Sunglasses, they provide instant cloud cover on a cloudless day
  • Messenger bag, a mass production product cleverly designed just for me
  • Tablet, digital version, not the 10 commandments prototype
  • Toilet, flushing, thank you so very much plumbing engineers  
  • Shower working magnificently; that personal, adjustable, temperature modulated rain shower I get to engage in once or twice daily
  • And thank you clean hotel, for popping up in that Utah desolation
  • Food service. No matter where I travel people entice me with their food wares. With big bright road signs even
  • Highways passable and well regulated, with virtually no fear of road banditry. You really don’t want to traverse the country multiple times in a summer if roving packs of desperados abound . . . 

So much going right. If you took 5 minutes, you could list 50 things that are going right at this very minute. Maybe a hundred if you can speed talk.

When something goes awry, it’s helpful to breathe yourself down into an optimal place, the better to figure out how to right the thing gone wrong. Reflecting on the litany of things going right was highly effective for me. It was almost as though fairies had flown in to plunk on their lutes . . . 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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