One Thing Better: Gina Morresi . . . the best singer-songwriter you’ve not yet heard of

One Thing Better is a weekly series featuring some cool creator I’ve stumbled across, in a one-question interview format.

It’s a simple premise. Each week someone answers The Question. 

Let me introduce you to the best singer-songwriter you’ve not yet heard of. Gina Morresi seems to have inherited the musical-siren mantle from the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne and Sheryl Crow. 

Gina energizes the best elements from the American song tradition of the last several decades. She’s a little alt country, a little throaty, a little bit of the pop temptress. 

Check out the opening song on her website — it is downright soul achy sexy. You’re gonna wish she was singing about you. 

As music critic Patricia Colene puts it:

“Morresi’s strong song writing evokes the spirit of a true Bohemian Rocker Chic. She is the real deal . . . “

One good thing leads to another — listen in on Gina below, discussing how one change leads to more . . . .

The Question:

What one thing have you been doing recently that’s making your life better?

Gina Morresi:

Okay, well this is a two-part answer. 

The first thing I have been doing to make my life better is learning how to control my thoughts and how my outlook directly affects everything I am doing, as well as what manifests in my life. 

This is challenging in itself, and has taken much discipline. But through meditating, attending groups discussing this subject matter, and making an effort to monitor my thoughts . . . it has made me connect to myself in ways I never knew possible. 

By focusing on the positives and removing myself from negative people, toxic situations, and societal constructs, I have been able to learn to love myself in new ways and to connect to Source more easily. 

So, in essence, by owning my life and choosing to focus on positive situations and beliefs that benefit me (regardless of loved ones’ and society’s influence  which can be tough, I know!), I have been able to understand my purpose more so and create a life that I truly enjoy. 

This leads me to the second part of my answer, which is linked to the first part. 

As I let myself journey inward, I was also able to see that I needed certain things to make me happy regardless of what “society” told me I should want. 

When I really thought about what I “needed,” it was far simpler than what I had been brainwashed to think. 

I needed to be creative, in whatever way that fit my mood  writing, playing music, coming up with an interesting idea. It wasn’t just a hobby; it was something my being craved in order to express itself and without it I didn’t feel complete. 

I needed to be outside to connect with nature at least once a day and needed to be alone at times to reflect and connect to Source. 

Lastly, I needed to surround myself with loving, positive people and to participate in new activities that stimulated my growth and thinking. This could be anything from a dance class to dinner with intellectual people or funny friends. 

All of my essentials in life didn’t cost much money, yet each one nourished my soul. I came to realize that I could live rather simply and be truly happy. When you love yourself all other things seem to fall into place. 

I began to see that anything additional  the fancy car, large house, designer clothes  were accessories. Of course, they are nice to have and I do like certain luxuries, but they are not and should not be the goals or mile markers of our lives, so I have learned. 

Our existences are far grander and, ironically enough, simpler, than what we somehow have managed to believe. 

I have come to understand, at least for me, that we should focus more on finding out what we truly need to nourish our souls. Then, we will begin to connect to self and understand the purposes of our lives more so.  

And in doing so, we will learn how to experience peace within our hearts and joy in all we do. 

It is not a simple task for many because this journey may require them to reconstruct everything they have been, taught and have lived. Also, it will require people to look inward and deal with their issues, and finally learn to love themselves instead of painting over the cracks, blaming others, and filling voids with material objects or harmful substances. 

This may also include having to make huge changes in life such as leaving behind old thought systems and scenarios/people/lifestyles that no longer serve their expansion. 

I realize every person’s existence is different and that certain people may seem to have more challenging circumstances than others, but through my journey, I have come to see that this process is necessary and possible for any and all human beings to undergo. 

Once I started this process (yes, there were tears and growing pains, for sure!), I began to deal with what was holding me back. As I did so, I slowly shed my old skin and began to intimately know myself. 

I have a ways to go, no doubt. Choosing to live this way is a daily and life commitment, but it is sooooo worth it! The positive changes I see in my life are indescribable! 

Now, I am stepping into my joy and living an authentic and extraordinary existence, which has made everything in my life better! 

Be Blessed. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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