One Thing Better: Jah-Woman, going where the love is

One Thing Better is a weekly series featuring someone who intrigues me, in one-question interview format.

It’s a simple premise. Each week someone answers The Question. 

Jeannine Perlman, who’s spirit nickname is Jah-Woman, is a favorite go-to guru here at The World Is Freaky Beautiful

She’s raw and honest and humbly seeking. She’s also never afraid to be transparent when speaking about her spiritual quest.

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The Question:

What one thing have you been doing recently that’s making your life better?

Jeannine Perlman:

My resolution for this year is “to go where the love is.”  

I came to this idea after several disappointments, and feeling as though I was spending a lot of time struggling and “trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.”  

Moving through my day, and making choices, from that ideal of “going where the love is,” has lead to more heart-centered choices that bring me joy and feed my soul. 

I had allowed my egoic mind to tell me what was “right” and “proper,” whether it was with family or friendships, or even with my own health and well being. 

When I realized the adverse effects of what I was doing and thinking, it stunned me!  

I was putting myself and people that I care about through needless suffering.  

Moving forward, “going with my heart,’ and making self-loving choices has created more balance, and more fun, in my life. 

I worry less and I listen less to the task-master ego. 

I am opening my heart and myself to the grace and truth in me, and I am feeling connected to the divine more strongly than ever before.

The right perspective makes all the difference in the world!  

I am grateful for this experience . . . and I am grateful that you have reached out to me and asked this question. It’s a great “reflection” for me. Thank you. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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