One Thing Better: Tim Brownson on deepening his practice

One Thing Better is a weekly series featuring people doing meaningful work, in a one-question interview format.

It’s a simple premise. Each week someone will answer The Question. 

Look at that smilin’ face!

Who says social media is a waste land?

I came across Tim Brownson on Google Plus, and then stalked him back to his website A Daring Adventure. He’s that good.

What keeps you coming back to Tim’s site is his smile-inducing straight talk:

“For almost a decade now, I’ve been a life coach helping people around the world on nearly every continent to get unstuck. (I’ll get you one day, Antarctica!)

Tim delivers science-based, non-fairy-dust solutions that get you unstuck quickly.

With wit and choice language.

The Question:What one thing have you been doing recently that’s making your life better?

Tim Brownson:

It’s actually something that I have been doing a long time (8 years), but have upped the ante since the holidays, and that is meditation. 

I had started to slip and miss some days here and there.

Also I rarely did more than 20 minutes once per day. Since I got back from the UK I have meditated every day and at least 30 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour. 

I can already tell the difference. 

I have a tendency to suffer from anxiety if I don’t keep my guard up, but when I’m putting in the meditation and also working out that melts away a damn site quicker than the snow I encountered ‘back home.’

Often, one thing better you can do for yourself is to tunnel deeper . . . .Check out Tim’s book: 70 Amazing Facts About Your Brain  And Why It Does Weird Things. It’s an inexpensive way to get hooked on the Tim Brownson drug.


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