One thing leads to another: How lucky for us

Sure, one thing leads to another, an ape-ezoid launches a rock into the air and hundreds of thousands of years later Sputnik takes to the sky 

But I’m talking this, on a personal level, and it gives us all an opening: One day you wake up and you do what you do one touch differently, one jot differently.

You take the stairs instead of the elevator. You park farther away in the parking lot, you eat smaller portions . . . a year later you’ve skinnied up by 50 pounds. 

Or (personal tale alert):

Your life collapses financially  you sell your home on the quick  you move into a tight temporary space  you must gang up with your kid again at night  there you are, all three of you sleeping in the same bedroom again for the first time since your child was an infant  flash forward three years later in a new (smaller) (older) home with a bedroom for him yet you still maintain the family bedroom. 


Because the best moments of kid-adult play and conversation occur at bedtime in one room. Who knew? It won’t last forever . . . it may not last another year, though how charged an atmosphere of frolic it is!

One (seemingly bad) thing led to another (very good thing).

One thing . . .


. . . leads to another

(very cool thing)

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