One way creators free their minds

Creators ask questions.

What’s next? 

What am I inspired to do? 

How can I look at this differently? 

Where can I find this resource?

They don’t make statements that shut down all inquiry.

There are no good-paying jobs out there. 

It’s stacked against me.

I’m too blahbityblahbityblah

Questions open pathways in your mind.

What can I do with zero money but heartfelt effort?* 

What is the most important thing I can change that will make a difference in the situation, even a small one? ** 

What does the next level of satisfaction look like?*** 

What’s a step I can take to lead me in that direction?

How can I serve this thing I’m doing better?

Think how these questions and hundreds more can free your mind from its own shackles.

How can you not move forward when you ask questions that loosen up the orthodoxy of your own mind?

* I’ve asked that question many a time!

** That one too.

*** OK, now I’m just feeding you all my good questions . . . 

Note 1: This is part of the What creators do series, where I look to people who are creating something meaningful in the world for inspiration and tips  and pass them along to you.

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