Oooh, an update: The power of putting it out there

First, you really should read the original post, to grok the beauty of this. Here’s the link.

I’ll sit right here. Quietly. Go ahead, take a peek, I’m not going anywhere. Need to take a wee break anyway . . .

[noises in the background, could be the sound of flushing]

OK, that was liberating, I’m back.

Here’s a nice coda to that first experience. It’s now a year-ish hence. And two more couches came into our life about 8 weeks ago.

Other friends were selling their home down here and decided they weren’t going to haul two of their couches back up north with the rest of their furniture. They offered, we happily accepted.

Those (comfy) couches displaced the sectional in the living room, which displaced the sofa and chair in the library area, which went to Zane’s play area, displacing the ragged behemoth there.

The new couch and chair in the play area allow for a better configuration, one not possible before with the super-sized sofa.

The first wait was a month. Not bad. 

This was a year. Who can wait that long in this instant age? But wait, it wasn’t even a wait. Zane and friends got to enjoy trashing an already trashed mega-couch. For a year! That’s a year of boy heaven.

Shakespeare had it right: 

All’s well that ends well. 

And I might add, in a vaguely Confucius meets the Dao way: 

Playful journey, delicious destination.

PS: We were just offered another piece of exquisite furniture a couple of days ago! We keep getting offered furniture we don’t need. Goodwill is now listing us as a source.

Isn’t it wu wei how things keep coming to you once you get in the groove, like compelling roles for Meryl Streep, or costumery for Lady Gaga, or marriages for Tom Cruise . . . .

For the record, that is not a giant peeing
Celebrating you