An origin story that, weirdly enough, you’re a part of

There’s an unheralded aspect to every origin story . . .

One of the great joys of putting out a website and eletter is when a message touches someone you don’t know. And they reach out to thank you.

(Those of you who know me, don’t stop letting me know! — that is the other great joy — when a message or story touches someone I know : -)

The meager beginnings

When I first started this newsletter I forced a handful of people onto the list. It was literally 5 or 6 email addresses, and 2 of them were mine! This little thing grew from there — no advertising, no outreach to speak of.

The most electrifying thing happened. Slowly, people started subscribing. People I knew, for sure — as I gained confidence I started telling others about it. The remarkable part was when people I didn’t know showed up.

The first time a woman I didn’t know emailed me to tell me how much the website and email newsletters helped her in her journey, I was overcome with gobsmackery. I think she was from the upper Midwest. When I asked how she found me it turned out to be happenstance. A search led her to one thing that led her to another that led her to another.

Somewhere she ended up on a post at The World Is Freaky Beautiful — the precursor to Notes For Creators. Not only that, it was just what she needed to be reading. It wasn’t what she was looking for, it was better (for her).

Then she reached out. She let me know how the messages impacted her — and that made all the difference in the world to me. Her single email propelled me onward.

Now there are thousands I don’t know, reading and sometimes connecting with me.

Each and every time someone reaches out to let me know a message or a story resonated . . . I’m filled with a hushed awe.

The notes here are better than I am! The ideas here are better expressed than I’m capable!

Something profound happens when we sit down to connect — and that profound energy is flowing through me. Something bigger flows through me to you. I’m certain it’s drawn because of your interest. I may start it, but it’s you who draw through the best information — because it’s what you want to imbibe.

You are as much a part of the origin story as I am. That is the great unspoken theme behind every origin story, that others are required for its fulfillment.

Thank you to you! You who have reached out, and you silent ones. Your interest powers this site. You propel this site forward. You compel my best work.

Yes, you complete me.

. . . . . . .

PS: Do you want to make someone’s week?

Next time you come across a rich morsel on the internet, thank the blogger/writer/author/creator. I guarantee you that will ripple far beyond what you can know.

That creator will smile at others happily and sloppily for the rest of the day.

That creator will play more heartily with her pet.

That creator will pay it forward and backward and sideways . . . .

You will have set a cascade of happy-making in motion. Who knows where it will stop?!

(Maybe it doesn’t; maybe it keeps rippling outward forevah . . . )


Note: The mark of a Master
Note: Really