Osho: The new and its relation to the divine

Mind thinks it is not rational to leave the old. But God is always the new. That’s why we cannot use past tense or future for God. We cannot say “God was,” we cannot say “God will be.” We can only use the present: “God is.” 

It is always fresh, virgin. And it has ingress in you.
Remember, anything new coming in your life is a message from God.

If you accept it you are religious. If you reject it you are irreligious. Man needs just to relax a little more to accept the new; to open up a little more to let the new in. Give way to God entering you. 

That is the whole meaning of prayer or meditation 
 you open up, you say yes, you say, “Come in.” You say, “I have been waiting and waiting and I am thankful that you have come.” 

Always receive the new with great joy. 

Even if sometimes the new leads you into inconvenience, still it is worth it. Even if sometimes the new leads you into some ditch, still it is worth it, because only through errors one learns, and only through difficulties one grows. The new will bring difficulties. That’s why you choose the old it does not bring any difficulties. It is a consolation, a shelter. 

And only the new, accepted deeply and totally, can transform you. You cannot bring the new in your life; the new comes. You can either accept it or reject it. If you reject it you remain a stone, closed and dead. If you receive it you become a flower, you start opening . . . and in that opening is celebration. 

Only the entry of the new can transform you, there is no other way of transformation. 

Excerpted from Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously.

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