Paraphrasing Socrates: It is the engaged life that is worth living

The unexamined life is not worth living. 

                                              — Socrates

I would paraphrase Socrates: The unengaged life is not worth living.

I know oodles of people who examine their lives relentlessly, I’m one of them. It may be the boot on the neck of modern consciousness — relentless self-examination.

It is when we are engaged that we enter the flow state. When I’m engaged I feel fulfillment in the moment.

If someone is engaged to be married . . . what is she? She is entranced, she is adoring, she is focused to the exclusion of all else, all others. 

It’s a sweet paradox: That negating all possibility but one in any given moment is most fulfilling.

That is the beating heart of Zen Buddhism. Do what you are doing. Nothing else. 

Focus on your focus, nothing else.

Be your action in the moment. 

Simplicity is one thing, always.

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