Paulo and me: An idea draws us together

An idea, focused upon, draws events and people unto itself.

I interviewed Paul “Paulo” Slater yesterday for the forthcoming bookito Bohemia in Suburbia (and Beyond): Oh the creativity and originality outside of urban centers.

It was an impromptu lunch interview, arranged that very morning when I called him up and told him about the project.

When I reached Paulo and told him what I wanted to speak to him about  modern bohemians  he said: 

That is so weird. I can’t believe you’re calling about that. I’ll tell you about it when we talk.

When we met he said he’d been thinking about bohemianism for days now. In fact, just a week ago he and his partner googled what is the meaning of bohemianism?

So while I got to tell him about the origins of bohemianism in Paris in the 1830s (and bohemianism being the spawn-child of Romanticism), he gave me sharp insights into what he felt was necessary for a current-day bohemian to exist in the world. He’d been thinking about it all week.

Extraordinary. Except that it’s ordinary. This happens all the time! You’ve had it happen often. You don’t even know how often because it’s not written down, it’s not notated, so it slips off into the slipstream of experience.

From time to time I do write these things down, these synchronicities and serendipities and freakishly beautiful convergences. They are MUCH more common than we think. 

People and ideas and experiences converge, and powerfully felt thoughts are the vortex.


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