Perfect for a retreat: Riverbend Hot Springs in the New Mexico desert

Last summer Travis Thomas and I scooted away for a short creative retreat. It turned out to be such a pivotal moment for me creatively that I now actively seek to turn a portion of every vacation into creative focus time.

Here’s a suggestion for writers, thinkers and spiritual seekers: Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.

There are few more out of the way places. A couple hours south of Albuquerque and a couple hours north and west of El Paso, Texas, this little desert town sports a humble, zenalicious getaway.

You can come in an RV or you can rent a room. Quiet is not only encouraged, it’s insisted upon. There are only two modes at Riverbend: Quiet and Whisper.

Signs let you know which zone you’re in. 

This is sure to delight anyone focused on drawing out deeper resources. Or anyone looking to go full sloth on vacation.

The hot pools are spring-fed, mineral-rich delights of varying temperatures. From warm to warmer to Oh Yeah We’re Going To Sleep Like Bambinos Tonight.

The five public pools overlook the swirling Rio Grande.

For you writers, spiritual seekers, and digital creatives, it’s a perfect locale for a creative or spiritual retreat

(For artists, alas, unless you’re coming with a sketchpad only, it’s difficult to see how this might work for you.)

A retreat does more than rejuvenate. It can be a pivot point to the person you really want to be.


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