Plants will change the direction of a root before it hits an impenetrable object

I just learned this today: Before encountering a large object it cannot penetrate, a root will change directions. The root will grow in a direction more beneficial to the plant.

The science of it is not yet understood, how it receives the information and what spurs the root growth in a new direction. 

Every time you grow, you avoid impacting with something that will do you no good.

How do I know? Look at the things that befell you before you took a quantum leap of character growth. 

Look around at what befalls others who refuse to grow . . . 

Personal growth is like adding a force field around you. The more you grow the more it repulses. Calamities and problems that once would have found you are eased out of your way without you even knowing it. 

How do I know when I especially need to grow? I look at what’s befalling me. 

(Growth is also a joy vortex — that same force field magnetizes everyday wonders — drawing in more that will wrinkle the corners of your eyes because you are expressing so much delight in your days.)



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