Playful does it

Hard work does it too.

The heart light and zippy does it.

Focused intensity does it too.

Sprinkling everyone with love and laughter does it.

Energetic does it too.

Methodical certainly does it.

Walking right up and boldly asserting yourself does it too.

It’s doubtful that occasionally will do it.

Also unlikely that a wish without weight will do it either.

Don’t think that sulking does it, except for spoiled kids and trophy wives.

Taking your mind off it — after your mind’s been on it — will do it in day dreamy ways that surprise.

Both happy and vibrant will do it, but disappointingly, so too will greedy and brusque and mean and low and a thousand other ways we wish wouldn’t, but do.

So many ways to do it — whatever the it of your desire is — you get to choose.

How you do it doesn’t define the result, only the enjoyment of it, and you.



And then it gets (even) worse!
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