Plumbing! (Caution: potty language)


That’s our appreciation object of the day. Can you remember the last time you had to unload in the woods? Yeah, me neither. That’s the point! Plumbing is of an order of magnificence so great it seems inconsiderate that we do not bow down daily before a porcelain toilet and celebrate The Bringers of The Potties.

Actually . . . I do remember unloading in the woods, many times, camping in the Adirondacks on a motorcycle adventure, on kayak trips, on bicycle trips, sleeping in a tee pee in Santa Fe . . . 

Those were choices I made for the particular adventure I was on at the time. Not a lifestyle I must endure every day.

Plumbing! So many in the world do not have it. 

Next time you’re feeling blue, down, bummed, depressed, wilted, jilted, enervated, in life suckage mode . . . go strike a pose on a toilet and thank Whomever you thank that you live where you live and have this particular everyday convenience 
–  what a few billion others living this very moment in time would think the highest luxury.

Plumbing! Today we thank you in particular. Plumbing! We’re overflowed with joy that you whisk our overflow away . . . . 

Very small moment celebration
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