Poor mouth, rich mouth

If you’re poor mouthing yourself often, you’re constraining yourself. It’s a way of declaring this to the limitations currently in your life: 

I accept you. 

You could almost say it’s a way of declaring to your limitations: 

I love you, baby cakes. I love you as a limitation in my life so much I’m going to keep thinking this can never change so I don’t change and then I really do get to keep you in my life for quite some heap of time. 

Love you long time, limitation.

Nowadays it’s harder to get away with poor mouthing ourselves to others because we’ve all had our expectations on self-talk raised.

Instead, the way we poor mouth ourselves is to do it mentally. 

The way I do it is in whisper conscious mode. I’m doing what I’m doing during the day and I catch a part of my brain running on auto pilot whispering all kinds of sh!t. And I can tell by the way I feel  some variation of miserable  that the rest of me is buying into it.

Poor mouthing is the old way of saying you’re giving something low energy. Oh so low energy. Like limbo low.

Saying I can’t afford this.

Saying I’ll never break out of this rut.

Saying It’s a slog, it’s futile, it’s hard, it’s it’s it’s it’s . . . the voice can go on, can’t it, the little whiner.

From now on I’m rich mouthing it. 

I will say, as a high-energy cat would, Taint no big thing, it’ll be accomplished before I know it.

I will say, as a man of wealth would, I choose not to do it.  I’d rather invest than spend that money, honey!

I will say, as a creature of possibility would, I can make it happen if I choose to focus my mind and spirit and effort. 

Then the question becomes so very simple: Do I choose to put my focus and effort into a thing . . . or do I choose not to?

When I’m rich mouthing it there’s no time for miserable mindedness. I’m too engaged with what I’m doing for that kind of piffle.

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