Pop-up experience magnificence (for others) (and its reflection on you)

In the past week and a half four people I know have had pop-up experience magnificence occur in their lives:

  • One friend had a radically unexpected large sum plop into his lap, which allows he and his partner to purchase a small retail space for a health products business they’re starting. Daily he and his partner had been almost jubilantly writing down their dream.
  • A warm and wonderful spiritual seeker I know received an job offer out of the blue that not only answered a pressing financial need, it came in response to surrendering utterly.
  • An artist I know had the largest aggregate sale of her career. And other goodnesses came in the wake of that event . . . .
  • A good friend, with a family of five, took a leap of faith by quitting his job. You can read how well that worked out here
All this goodness means something . . . to me too. Not only am I jazzed beyond belief for each of them, it also means something extraordinary is coming my way too.

We could call it The Law of Reflection: What you witness and react to powerfully sets you up for the essence of something similar.
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