The power of the tweak: One man’s loss is a gain for the replacement clothing industry

All you radical transformers out there, avert your eyes from this post.

This is for you incrementalists (like me) who love the elegance of the tweak. Who love the simplicity of the tweak. Who lo-oove the ease of the tweak.

Here’s one celebration of the power of the tweak

Last year I witnessed a friend’s husband lose 30, maybe 40 pounds, in less than six months. When I saw him in his vibrant, slimmed-down body, I was agog.

“What did you do?! What’s your secret?” I asked.

He had an answer so simple there could be a mathematical model constructed in its honor. It’s not something he invented, you’ve heard of it before: portion control.

That’s it. Portion control! He tweaked what he was eating. He just ate a little less, of everything. And the excess melted away.


Note: A year hence he still looks fab, even more fab, he’s tweaked some more and added a little extra exercise into the mix.


Another Note, the mathematical model, if you must:

NP – (10% of NP) = NIP

NP is Normal Portion
NIP is New Improved Portion, or New Improved Person

More, but since we’re practicing portion control, I’m giving you less of More

Even visionaries envision in increments
Immobility comes from immobility