The power of your direction

If you are not moving in the direction of your desire, you cannot get there.

Simply move. Yes, there will be adventure, side adventure, thrills — and chills — and full-stop catastrophes (possibly). Just move — you’ll arrive. Weirdly enough, the arrival is continuous. The arrival point is every moment of movement.

The power of direction is often most noticeable in others. My brother, the most intensely focused individual I know personally, is one example. Millionaire, family man, generous giver of time, thought and dollars — none of it came by accident. He moved determinedly in those directions.

If you look around you, you will easily find dozens of examples of directional power from those you know. The older you get the more you know direction matters. Events in people’s lives surprise you less.

It’s true of my own life. Even the downdrafts make (sometimes bitter) sense. Accomplishments, failures, gains, distractions — all serve as a confirmation of direction, or lack of it.

The beautiful thing about directional power is the accrual of momentum. Stephen King has logged so many thousands of days writing 2,000 words a day that only a colossal mishap could thwart his progress now.

Correction — strike that statement. Not even a colossal mishap can stop him, as when he was mowed down while walking on the side of a road by an inattentive driver. Slow him down, certainly, but even that horrific destruction to his body could not deter the freight train of Stephen King’s directional power, such was the accumulated mass behind his momentum.

One other near-miraculous aspect of directional power: It takes only the feeblest step in a new direction to set in motion. Every addict knows the relief of that step . . . Every champion knows the import of that first action. Every individual living their mission can recall an early moment that set them in motion . . .

I write all this because I can relate to you two stories of direction occurring in near simultaneity:

First, the downward path.

The other — the spirit journey.

We personally have trod the downward path in recent years, a prelude to embarking upon the spirit journey, seeking to better craft a life of relevance and connection.

I have this feeling we are the bounced ball — the hurtling downward, the smashing onto the ground, the compression only serving to propel us higher than possible before.

Here is where the analogy must end because we are a bounced ball that can influence its direction on the rebound.

You, fine reader, get a sense of directional power here, reading The World Is Freaky Beautiful. In essence, if you follow the trajectory over time, you have front row seats for the greatest show in town — an exploration in real time of the power of direction . . . .

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