Progress that comes slowly is no less exciting

The many streams of religious thought are splashing together in the great basin of a globalized humanity. 

Once humanity walked through this world as though a mummy, tightly bound, wrapped in creed so compactly we stumbled when we might have run. Science and reason are helping us cast off the bullsh*t.

Limited and quite insane beliefs are being stripped away:

  • that a widow must be burned alive when her husband dies, Hinduism
  • that a witch must be drowned to be proven innocent, Christianity 
  • that theocracy is the supreme form of government, Islam
  • that a nonbeliever is unworthy, take your pick
  • that sex and giggles and light-heartedness aren’t spiritual, take your pick
What’s coming? Who truly knows. But it’s freer. One thing I do know, you get to choose. It’s freer by far.

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