Project Marriage: A tale of (calculated) romance

When I worked at Solomon Brothers a woman in another department took on the project of marriage. She decided to treat marriage    finding a mate, getting engaged, becoming married    as one might any other major goal in life. 

First she stated it as her objective. She became very clear. She announced it to all she encountered. She took action steps. She remained light at heart.

I only worked with her tangentially yet I too was made aware of her greatest dream  she would say it matter-of-factly, almost flippantly  I’m planning on being married in two years so I’m interested in meeting people who want to get married. 

She would say things like this:

Here’s what I’m looking for (insert your version of her list here, make it detailed, as in damn near impossible)

Do you know anyone you could introduce me to? 

Manhattan at the time was filled with Philistines like me  marriage-averse ninnies running rampant through the nightlife. Good luck, I thought. I didn’t know a single soul interested in getting married. I only knew people interested in getting out of their marriages.

Apparently that was in my circles only (birds of a feather, flock untethered). 

It worked out well for her. People loved asking about her project, talking about possibilities, setting her up with marks/prospects. She went on dates and broached the marriage subject on the first date. She didn’t want to waste time with someone not in the same mindset as she was. She was married within two years.

Boom boom pow!

I put this out there as another indicator of the fun that can be had by making an enjoyable project out of virtually anything, even things big and weighty.

Mazel tov.

'I used to be the queen of 5 and 10-year plans'
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