Put your hand here: This post has power!

Put your hand here — close to the screen — but not on it — we don’t want to leave messy prints, do we?

However, if you wish to abandon yourself to this process, go go go! Schmear that screen.

Take a quiet moment . . .

And then:

Place your highest thought self here —

Impart your goodness here —

Be the conduit for LoveJoy here —

Add your aspect to this field we are creating here, a field embodying all that is powerful and true —

Your intention, your prayer, your gift, is this: Let your overflow from your invisible source be useful for another!

If in need
If you seek something, some one, some solace, place your hand here. Or simply open your heart mind to receive all the Spiritflow imparted by others for your use. They have conveyed all that you require, here. It is for you as you need it.

When you have more than you need
When you are overflowing, consider coming back and infusing your spillover here. Impress your abundant-flow, invisible self here. You’ll be able to feel your way through it, even if the concept is odd at first.

This page, this post, this site, summons power for the good of all. As more impart their finest soul selves here, this page and its spirit field will grow in intensity — just like every other sacred spot on this earth.

It doesn’t matter that this site is digital. The field goes with it.

Many has been the time in the past few years that I’ve taken a book, one that has spoken to me, and placed it on my chest as I fell asleep — or as I rested in thought for a minute or two, hands enfolded about it — and I could feel the seepage of the good into me.

I now believe this: Goodness has an energy signature that overpowers everything lesser, which is, um, everything else!

Goodness flows out. It can’t help itself.

This site will have thousands then tens of thousands then hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Even if at this moment this site has barely been born, you can pull its future power to you now.

Time is a wonky thing, it doesn’t really exist in the way that we think it does, so to grab power from the future is simply to do what we often do. When, in our mind’s eye, we envision a future possibility — and then move toward it — we are pulling future power to us now. You can do that here, amplified by the intentions of a multitude.

This is not only for the wounded! It is also for the dreamers!

There are so many places where you accrue true spirit power. It may be in your favorite scriptures, in silence, in a grotto. It could be a gathering, an architectural element, a person. A book, a film, an icon.

Or here.

Now there is one more place of power in the world.

Actually, every place in the world is a place of power, we simply feel it easier where there is conglomerated soul energy. At this juncture in our history, these points of power are helpful.

As you gather force toward your own dream life, come back, generously flow that Spirit goodness here, so that others may share in it.



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