Quotes from Stuart Wilde’s Little Money Bible

It’s best if you read these thoughts with a working-class British accent — with some bluster thrown in. That’s the way I heard them in the audiobook version. 
There, Stuart Wilde’s punch comes through in every line.
I think you’ll enjoy these thoughts he laid down decades ago.  
“Invoke. Invoke. You’ll never be broke.”

“Invoke your dream as fact.”

“Keep your dream safe. Guard its holy and sacrosanct nature by not trashing it with negative woes.” [Even, especially, your own.]

“There’s no way of making money on this planet except by serving other people’s needs.”
Isn’t that a beautiful spiritual thought?

“If things aren’t flowing watch the signs very carefully.”
“Effort is natural — it’s unnatural to struggle.”
“What little adjustments can you make to get things moving?”
“Ask yourself loads of little questions. Pull back when things aren’t working.”
“Flow seems a bit like magic but it actually stems from order and planning.”
“Flow is energy in motion, so you have to become the embodiment of energy in motion, i.e., flexible, fluid and fast on your feet.”
“The metaphysics of flow is easy to comprehend — it’s in your feelings. Your feelings guide you away from trouble. Notice. Pay attention.”

“The more people you know the easier it is to make money.”
“Agree to serve!”

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