Random Tip: Reclaim the night and the day goes well

The day begins the night before.

Recently I reclaimed the night  meaning I oozed myself on to bed in the right time range  meaning I weaned myself away from all things digital for an appropriate buffer period  meaning I eased myself into some soul reading before bed  meaning I went to bed when I damn well should have!

By doing this I’ve reclaimed the day.

I’m arising when I want, not when I must. 

I’m blowing through the very few things I consider significant to my life before I charge off to work. (And that there is what makes all the difference between a robust day and a crappy day.)

And, oh, does it ever feel good to have the evenings back because of it. Because I’m not playing catch up.

Days are good when you begin the night before.

For you —

Evan Griffith
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