Random Tip Week: How to exercise with your kids on a road trip (and have fun)

The number one rule is to make it half-loopy. This also means that it’s half serious.

It could be floopity jacks — you invent the variation — it doesn’t matter. It could be butt-up push ups. Kids respond to frivolity and will work hard to maintain the silly.

Let them do their own thing. If they go off on their own tangent and it’s not exactly what you had in mind . . . . let ’em rip. As long as they are in motion, it’s good. 

Sitting is one of the most toxic things we do in modern life. Sitting uncomfortably long while in lock-down mode is worse. So any kind of motion will do.

Stop every hour and a half. For 5-10 minute fun breaks. Fun breaks are so much more enjoyable when named thusly.

Taking a fun break every 90 minutes — 60 minutes if you’re daring! — will keep you healthier and happier. 

I know, I just did this with my kid on a radical Chicago to South Florida trip — it upped the happy quotient by a big factor. It was a gas doing it; it was zippy energetic talkative afterward . . . 

Anywhere works. 


We did it at service stations and rest areas, parking lots and restaurants. Next to a dumpster once. In the rain a couple of times. 

You may think you’ll feel awkward — don’t sweat it. People will smile. (And if they don’t, growl back.)

It’s safer too. More alert equals more alive at the end of the journey.

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