Random Tip Week: How to make the next 30 minutes go easier (in any situation)

If you find yourself in a situation beginning to escalate uncomfortably in a misery-making direction, here’s a quick method for resetting. In my experience, variations of this process have produced sometimes mind-blowing results.

Amble off to a restroom if you can’t find brief solitude somewhere. My little world has been saved more than once from a bathroom.

(If you simply can’t find a minute alone, skip this step . . . )

Ask for what you desire most.

It may feel like you want to best your sister in an argument — but what you likely want most is harmony.

I find asking to be one of my most potent spirit-minded tools. Before an incident noted in the Mission and Me page, I never asked. I never thought to ask. Jesus was right. And so was Buckminster Fuller. Ask and you will receive . . . something.

For a few seconds, what would it feel like/look like if things went easier? Feel that possibility as much as you can . . . it only takes a burst.

Now — sally forth. Enjoy.

Bonus step (laden with all kinds of extra karmic bonus points):
If you can muster it, muster love. Silently waft love-joy over the situation and all involved.

I know an attorney who swears by this in negotiations, beaming love to all involved.

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