Rant of appreciation

Things have changed and I’m loving it. Not too many years ago this thing called The Crash happened. You may have heard of it. I think it affected a couple of people beyond us also. Suffice it to say, we’ve crawled through that dark swamp into daylight — and it’s time to rant on about all I appreciate this Appreciation Day!

It’s best to start close to my heart: 

Ohmyfuckinggod I love my wife and kid. I’m crazy silly loopy for them. AnkaSeti for her quietly funny ways. For her soft creative spark. For her loving tenderness. The Zonk for his pre-teen surprises. For his caring nonchalance. For his raucously aggressive sense of when it’s right to have a good time. (Always 🙂

Our two dogguses too. The beast of a German Shepherd, the dainty toenail-tapping Viszla. 

15 years ago pocket computers didn’t exist. Certainly not wafer-slim glass surfaces that connect you to, say, the goings on in Iceland or the Pope’s latest thought. That you can chat, videostream, bounce messages around the world via satellite, look at the weather radar, check the surf, find a recipe, buy a mutual fund and bounce around to any interest group known to humankind . . . whew, let’s celebrate the smart phone. And all portable digital media. From tablets to the laptop I’m tapping away on right now.

We love them! We love you, tech people of the world, who’ve put magic into the palm of our hand. Do you get enough thanks? Well, yes, judging by the PEs of your stock prices, but we want to thank you anyway. It’s a significantly enhanced realm we swim in now.

I’m appreciating you, highways with medians. And you, bridges over otherwise undrivable chasms. I’m digging you, gas stations and rest areas and clean-enough bathrooms across America. 

Oh the things to relish: 

food offerings everywhere 

lights on street corners 

flowers by the roadside 

playgrounds peopled by little proto-adults 

service with a smile 


big ole vans for work and play 

engaging strangers 


Christmas trees in Florida 

Frogs, especially the ones that hop high and make splat sounds when they land 

standing desks 


birds that take wing suddenly


and the dogs that chase them 

cool grass on a warm day 

rain on our metal roof 

a nap after hours of yardwork 


bungee cords 

seriously thin, soft sheets 

interesting minds abounding, everywhere I turn 

infectious goodness 

that dude walking across the parking lot who picks up litter 

our Mama 

thick and purring soft throw rugs, the kind you can curl up on 

reading books with your family, each lost in their own interior universe 

the multiverse! 

the peeps into surreality we get from time to time 

moments of awe 

moments of abandon 

moments of sweet connection 

So many things we use casually didn’t exist 50 years ago, and weren’t even fantasies 200 years ago. I love living in this era of dishwashers and dryers and hot water heaters and GPS navigational systems in your phone.

Billions of cosmic years aggregating star debris, hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary twists, thousands of years of innovation, decades of a life . . . . let’s enjoy these minutes of ours, so much went into their making. 

I love you life! I love you breath — I love you drumbeat of my heart — I love you people of the world — I love you flora and fauna and fabulists — I love you near and I love you far — I love your wicked ways — I love your entrancing thoughts — I love the divine in you — I love the beast in you — I love fingers and toes and navels and napes — I love the way this keyboard feels as I go tappata tappata tap tap tappata — I love the light we flick on in the dark — I love those who’ve helped me through my darkness — I love those who let me in on their dark days — I love green tea — I love when you were mean to me — I love when you left me for another — I love the ways I improvised — I love the startling and transcendent beauty in pain — I love you for reading — I love me for writing — I love the warp and the woof — I love the right and the left — I love the ones who build and the ones who loaf — I love the way opposites make it all work — I love 

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