A reader asked me: Must we hit rock bottom?

In response to recent newsletters a reader friend asked me: So must we hit rock bottom before we can get to the truth? (You can view the culprit posts below.)

No, there are a schmillion ways there, but those experiences bring a clarity difficult to match.

If a woman goes to buy a yacht and has a moment of insight, say, that less is freeing . . .


If a friend loses all he he’s built his life upon in the last decade — property, money, investments — and finds freedom in the aftermath . . . 

Both have merit, but the latter in today’s Great Recession has relevance. The second instance instructs more powerfully to those midst their own difficulties. 

I’ve gone through many a — let’s frame it this way — challenge in the past few years. Sometimes many a challenge by Wednesday of any given week . . . . It is those whose spirit floats above the ashes who inspire me to dig deeper. They make me think it’s possible for me too.

It is also this: The contrast from the agonies of [despair, anguish, anxiety, loss, dread — choose any] to the freeing catalyst of [love, a vision, release, ultimate connection, an answer, resolve — choose one or invent your own] brings home the possibility of a resurrection of one’s spirit in a way going to the yacht store just can’t do.

Having said that, let me put it out there how much I’m keen to receive insight on the way to purchase a biggish boat . . . . 

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