Reboot: Reinvention requires a pause

Reinvention requires a pause. Renewal too.

Every good day has a pause in it. If not several. Every good project too. 

The best pauses are for reflection. (And frolic.)

I’ll be away on a short sabbatical, tightening up my book Bohemia in Suburbia before it goes to my editor.

When I return there’s going to be a whole new focus on the creative-spiritual continuum. With lots of whee thrown in.

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It will be worth your while. 

We’ll be focusing on creativity as a spiritual path.

We’ll talk about how spirit creatives rock their projects.

Connection and creativity. 

We’ll explore these two strands of our essential humanity and why they are at the core of all successful living.

You will meet creators who are living it. 

You’ll meet everyday people who expressify. 

You’ll find out why solitude and a little chaos are what you need to bring out your best.

You’ll get tips on how to bring your own soul project to light.

The World Is Freaky Beautiful is re-orienting. 

It’s tunneling deeper. 

And it will be bringing you more that will help propel you into the spirited being of light magic you know you’re here to be.

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For you 

Evan Griffith
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