Regardless of circumstance (+) Margaret Atwood on happiness

The uncommitted life is draining. Have you noticed that? 

It’s the engaged life that energizes. 

It’s exhausting to lay about and fret all day. I prefer to limit my fretting to as few minutes as possible — and get on with it the rest of the time.

It being my mission.

Joy seeps into everything you do once you’ve settled on your personal vision regardless of circumstance.

That piece is critical.

Once you know who you are and who you are going to be regardless of circumstance, watch your energy unfurl.

Then even setbacks and obstacles become alternate routes for you to explore who you’ve decided to be, regardless of circumstance.

This past month: 

Charlie Rose asked Margaret Atwood

“Are you happy?” 

She said, 

“Of course I’m happy, because happiness is a byproduct of being interested in what you do. It’s not a goal. You don’t go out looking for unadulterated happiness unattached to anything else.”

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