The road through Booger Hollow

I passed Booger Hollow today in my travels — just thought you’d want to know.
I could make this twisty, knotty, pitching, roiling road through the mountains a metaphor for life (watch out! Emotional Exhaustion Excavation on the left — avert! avert! Business Collapse Rock Slide on the right — jenkies! Betrayal Abyss straight ahead, there’s no swerving from that one . . . ) — but I won’t.
You’d want to write about Booger Hollow and the road that runs through it too if you were a goofus with a penchant for the oddbeat. It is the Eastern U.S.’s retort to the breath-stoppingly picturesque Phoenix-to-Sedona road. At one point early in the morn, a fog descended so dense it was as if the world were dissolving before my eyes, till only 15 feet of it remained.
Ack, I’m too far in now . . . looks like I will have to wade in further and go for it . . . . This surprising and at times careening road knifing at sharp angles through tight mountain passes makes for vivid experience. Isn’t that what we seek from life? Compelling experience?

Let’s say your story ran like this:
She was born into riches — and things got better. She had scads of fun (a nod to you here, Ras) — and then things got better. She grew beautifuler! Suitors abounded — things got even better.

Yawwwwn, can I have a pillow with that bedtime story? — I’m nodding off already, aren’t you?
We (!) –dynamic human souls that we are — grooove on the challenges. We love the contrast, the intricacies. We crave the complexities, turns of events, disasters even — because that’s where the story gets really interesting. (Bankruptcy Falls! Relationship Hairpin Curve!) That’s where we find out (create) who we truly are.
So we relish the excitement — jones for it — until, finally, one day, we don’t.
(And then things get better.)

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